AbiWord: Support

Before your pursue any of the support options available, please take a few minutes to read this text about what your expectations of AbiWord and its support should be. When you have done that (thanks!), there are a number of resources that can assist you if you are having problems.

System Requirements
This document gives you an overview of the system requirements to run AbiWord on most platforms.
User's Manual
The user's manual is the place to find answers if you're having problems with how to use a particular feature of AbiWord. It explains basic usage of the program and where to find what you need.
Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ is a good starting point when you need help. It is not as comprehensive as the user's manual, but contains the most frequently asked questions about AbiWord.
Report a Bug
If you can find a way to break AbiWord, we want to hear about it! Don't assume that the developers know about the problem already. You can submit a bug report directly to the developers and get feedback on it when it is resolved.
Get Help
If the answers you're looking for aren't in here, it indicates a problem on our end -- not yours. There are a number of ways to contact other users and even the developers to get more help.
Knowledge Base
Our Knowlegde Base is built by the community. A lot of information, for example Frequently Asked Questions, can be found here that has been of use to other users. Every user, developer or otherwise interested person is free to add content to the Knowledge Base that he or she finds useful to the AbiWord community.