AbiWord Weekly News #139, (2003, week 15, released 2003.04.13)

Welcome to this issue 139 of the AbiWord Weekly News.


      There has been some notable Windows progress, and I thank Jan and Sinitsyn for pointing out and assisting as they can with Windows issues.   A financial update has occurred, and so has its appearance.   In fact, some minor alterations have occurred in the AWN, though, you probably won't notice them, as you'll be too busy with testing Abiword for problems...right?

This week in development

      Thanks to some outside help, Abiword's Win32 port is coming along nicely.   In fact, we've even got a couple of pretty screenshots included for you.   Get this, how does "back from the dead" strike you as a theme?   Hub applies a patch from Gery DELOGE for...BeOS!   "Glass of water for Mr. Grainger!"   "Glass of water for Mr. Bjork!"   Also, for those of you still whining about not being able to get 1.0.5, you needn't worry any further, as it appears that 1.0.6 may be out on SourceForge (and Savannah for you GNUists) pretty soon.   Yes, soon, you, too, will be able to --enable-gnome.

Request for user assistance

      Windows users, your help is doubly requested.   We would like to see more bug reports coming from the Windows crowd, so, if you're feeling more daring, please download and try out the Win32 binaries when they're available.   If you want some sweet functionality in AbiWord II: The Wrath of Dom, you will have to participate.   You could also consider joining Project Blue Ant.

      Like those dedicated and good-hearted people on American Public Television, we would like to ask for a financial donation.*   We would like to pull out an extra $400 minimum for a "dedicated 19" 2U rack server, 2.4Ghz P4 (533 FSB) on a 100 Mbit full duplex connection.   That should fix all the speed issues for us European guys (and maybe it's even faster for you en_US guys)."   This was discussed in chat, and was never cleared for me to actually mention it in AWN, but, technically, it wasn't not cleared, either.   Under any circumstance, the money would certainly go to a good cause, and if we raise $13 Million USD, we could buy Microsoft's Corel stock.

Silliness of the Week

      Take a look at the calendar; I'm just telling you now, it's not April 1st.   I know this, because my tax forms, those cryptic messages the government sends you, are beginning to laugh at me.

      You know how you talk about stuff to people you think won't care or understand, so, you talk very freely?   Well, I talk about this article with Michelle all the time.   Sometime around Wednesday-ish, that became a problem.   It turns out...some guy who I will never meet, but has listened to wife while at restaurant figured out my secret identity.   He now emails me three times a day.   If he were just fifty feet closer, I would actually walk there and pay him off.

      However, that takes time and energy, and short people don't like that.   And, no, I'm not mini-me.

      My real initials are EZ; they're DB, which rhymes with EZ.   In fact, most letters in the English alphabet rhyme with each other.   I guess that's because the person who named them was either wheezing or very excited, or both.   Anyhow, I don't live in Wisconsin.   That just happens to be the only state I feel confident I could fake knowledge about; you know, packers, beer, cheese, meese.   I'm really from Florida.   You can tell, because I actually almost linked that to the green party's website.

      Anyhow, if I'm not busy (or messing with your heads), just keep watching the blog.   I get to that almost every single day, REALLY!   This is why I don't have gobs of time for Dom, whose probably just realized I'm not older than he is, thus removing my ability to whine.

      Want to stop unjust things from happening in chat?   Join!   It's #abiword at irc.gimp.org

This Issue

      And remember, I give you an email address so you can talk to me, in case you're not on either mailing list.

In this issue:

Editor(s) of this issue:  Dave

      If you're interested in using AbiWord for the first time, receiving a more up-to-date version, any particular version or special release, feel free to visit the new  Latest Releases page.

DISCLAIMER:  It should be generally noted that anything said before the "In this issue:" line is purely editorial.


Traffic on the  developer mailing list has settled at about 200-400 postings per week.   This week, interesting topics on the developer list included:

  1. AbiWord@MinGW: compiled successfully , AbiWord@MinGW, Part II , NSIS nightmares and mingw nsis patch :   Sinitsyn Valentine gives us the quick run down of what could happen to Windows users interested in using mingw.   If you think you're daring, you haven't seen the error output.   After some query from Martin as to how to simplify building Abiword with MingW, some nice Win32 work gets done, and Sinitsyn contributes quite a bit with a patch for fixing an expat issue.   Later, Sinitsyn gave a shot at solving the NSIS issues.   This could develop nicely, and I'm beginning to think we have a new Win32 developer....

  2. commit: format footnotes dialog box for win32 and commit: win32 format table dialog fixes :   Jordi's given the Win32 Format Footnotes dialogue a once over.   Of course, you'd probably rather just jump to the screenshot!   The next day, Jordi took the time to also do a very nice Win32 Format Table dialogue, also available in screenshot format.   And now, an AWN reminder to Marc that he forgot something

  3. bad win32 1.0.5 links on the download page :   Announcement: All 1.0.5 links are bad.   That doesn't matter because 1.0.5 was borked and 1.0.6 will be out shortly.   "Simmah-donna"

  4. render me, baby: bug 4851 :   Stephen Waters shows us that no interface is really all that intuitive.   For everyone's future reference, one attaches files after successfully entering a bug.   We love it when: you check for dupes, file bugs, add attachments, in that order.

  5. Commit (STABLE): unbreak gnome build and Commit (STABLE): bump to 1.0.6 :   With this delivery of donuts, it's safe to assume Hub will be delivering a de-botched 1.0.6 Real Soon Now™.   This will also discontinue most kvetching about the GORRAM LINKS ALREADY!

  6. RFC: keyboard bindings for bidi direction markers , win32 keyboard handler and commit (HEAD): bidi and bindings :   Tomas has decided to work out a key-stroke for switching the direction of text flow.   BiDi enablers in the future may use ALT+> for right to left and ALT+< for left to right.   Isn't that nifty?   Control was avoided, in case Abiword is to later of MSWord's font-adjustment functionality.   Later, he learns that, due to some recent code reworking, much of the Win32 key-binding capability has been removed, leaving only control+<letter> available.   After a trip down memory lane with Paul and a commit by Jordi, Tomas commits the following:

    ap_LB_Default.cpp: tied fontSizeIncrease to Ctrl+<, fontSizeDecrease
    to Ctr+>, insertLRM to Alt+Ctrl+> and insertRLM to Alt+Ctrl+<.

    ie_imp_MsWord_97.cpp: usage of direction markers to emulate Word's
    handling of parenthesis in bidi context.

  7. commit (HEAD): ut_Language.h/cpp, et al. and Commit: UTLANG_RTL, UTLANG_VERTICAL :   Thomas begins a new quest to emulate some MSWord functionality.   This new systems gives information on which way the text should flow by creating a new field.   Not only is it incomplete and imperfect by design, but Abiword lacks Verticle writing capabilities at this time.   This is a temporary hack to emulate a proprietary algorithm used by MS Word.   Andrew likes the concept, but believes the information should pass from character to character instead, due to numerous complexities.   This code, specifically, works with the like of the parenthetical characters.

  8. Help with MSYS based Windows building :   David Bolack is trying to figure out what is causing errors in his MSYS MinW attempt at installing Abiword onto Windows.   This has not progressed to far, but I thought you might like to pop in and check on this over the course of the week.

Traffic on the  user mailing list is sporadic at best.   Often, a good topic comes up, but users tend to only respond to the original poster rather than the list (as well), which limits what I would add, as the only lone threads I post are announcements of importance or points of great interest.   This week, interesting topics on the user list included:

  1. Getting extra/missing tabs between Abiword and MSWord :   So interesting a bug, I had to mention it.   If I understand it right, when removing the extra tabs in ither MSWord or Abiword, they re-appear when opening the other.   Unfortunately for Brady Hegberg, we're not hiring, but Brady's certainly welcome to help track this one down.

Traffic outside of the AbiDomain is tracked and occasionally reported.   This weeks includes selections from: FootNotes.

  1. Re: AbiWord Weekly News #138 :   One ghobbs mentions how nifty it would be to have a gnumeric spreadsheet embedded into Abiword.   Marc explains that's more of a post-2.0, while Martin explains that he wants to get the Maths (plugin?), text wrapping and positioned objects (including frames.).   If you want to influence Martin's decision, you can either help him or pay him ;o)


CVS Stats

      Track who put in how much and why.   And, while you're at it, consider whether you'd like to keep your own cvs build as well.   Tables...ooh....

CVS checkins 2003.04.06 - 2003.04.12
Who Commits In summary
Tomas Frydrych 28 bidi stuff, fixed a coupld of memory leaks,
Added: fp_DirectionMarkerRun, insertLRM, insertRLM, fontSizeIncrease, fontSizeDecrease, DirMarkerAfterCosingParenthesis preference, order field, insertClosingParenthesis, support for explicit direciton overrides, keyboard bindings for fontSizeIncrease/Decrease and insertLRM/RLM;
Bugs: 2742 and 2811
Martin Sevior 28 inserting a table leaves the insertion point on screen, lots of table selection and clearing goodness, various asserts.
Bugs: 3324, 4546, 4717, 4811, 4849, 4855 and 4856
Daniel Glassey 13 mingw build fixes, build expat the win32 way for mingw, Valentines fixes for the OS_CFLAGS, link the expat with mingw, misplaced ',' deleted in resource, on normal compilers header names are case sensitive, makefiles for using configure to compile mingw (or cross-compile)
Dom Lachowicz 13 Bugs: 1427, 4753 and 4802
Hubert Figuiere 12 Patch from Gery DELOGE: no longer select text when using scrollbar and mouse is outside, move away AbiSuite to /boot/home/config/Abisuite, grow the window apropriately, wait for a thread (was deadlocking), splash screen during 1 sec., fix a problem that prevented to open documents
Project Builder: don't hardcode path change reference to build product dir, changed a few headers publicity, fix include path... BUILD_DIR is the correct location for that, removed absolute path to source files, bad path for fribidi--changed them
Jordi Mas* 11 format footnotes, build fix, format table fixes
Bugs: 4793, 4829
Johan Björk*  9 fix mseviors last commit, table resize dragging, yaej!, due to my implementation of the rulers in qnx -- the new code makes it work rather flakey, compile fix--will do a better fix later, Phabalized dialog: MetaData!, revision dialog bugfixes--it acctually works now, MetaData dialog fix, new Phabalized dialog: MarkRevisions.
Frank Franklin  9 change "Insert an Footnote" to "Insert a footnote" (tucker told him to), [good boy], include appropriate header file
Kenneth "Jeremy" Davis*  6 add manifest file from bug 4105, dom's patch?, add registry key for using AbiWord from Run dialog without explicit path (later included needed space), part of Sinitsyn Valentine's MingW NSIS patch, .nsi portion needs some editing for MSVC
Rui Miguel Silva Seabra  6 update rpm spec (more plugins build with default RH 9), xft is now required for building abiword, gnome builds are alive, a possible gnome about dialog, it seems Ramon Flores was never added to the CREDITS file (bad Rui!, Bad!)
Marc Maurer  5 return UT_CONFIDENCE_GOOD on OLE wrapped WordPerfect documents, right.. dumb is spelled like, erm, well, dumb, not dump..., add an explaination to the code... not at all allowed by eXtreme Programming :-P [ed: Get over it, XP is bad], enable hinting in the Field Dialog TreeViews, added fairy dust to fix build
David Chart  4 updated changelogs--latest at: 1.1.4 up to 24th February 2003, 1.1.5 up to 11th April 2003
Andrew Dunbar  4 added Sardinian dictionary hash file as requested by Francesco Cheratzu, added sc-IT -> "sardinian.hash" mapping, added UTLANG_RTL and UTLANG_VERTICAL to the necessary langugages, added Urdu to the language list
Pierre Abbat  3 Albanian string update by Besnik Bleta,   fix to Russian strings by Valentine Sinitsyn: s/\"/&quot;/
Jesper Skov  3 fix assertion error in spell checking
Bugs: 3629 and 4812
Mikey Cooper  1 Bug: 1921 (Win32)
Michael D. Pritchett  1 fix a Win32 layout unit problem

*Jordi Mas:  system-related work is Win32 unless stated otherwise.
*Johan Björk:  system-related work is QNX unless stated otherwise.
*Kenneth "Jeremy" Davis:  system-related work is DOS and Win32 unless stated otherwise.   He has two first names, but never explained that part to me.

Weekly Prize Patch

      Dom, with the help of all those of you who donated to help keep AbiWord great, re-established the Weekly Prize Patch.   Established at $45 pre-charges (read: the financial companies cut), the prize is awarded by the decision of Martin and Dom, both of whom must agree on the winner.   Though neither Dom nor Martin may vote for themselves, they posses to "trumps" that allow them to vote for the other, therefore nullifying that other's vote.   Most importantly, winning is entirely dependent on how lagered-up Martin and Dom are at the time in question.

And the award goes to:

No One

No one received the Patch Prize between the sixth and twelfth of April.


      The concept of a "Project Of the Week" is to single out tasks of major interest that outside developers might be interested in providing assistance to.   Until a "best way" of listing POWs come to mind, they shall be listed in a short description.   Any user interested is welcome to assist in tackling these POWs.   If you know someone who's interested, you can link directly to a POW, in order, they're pow5 (at the top) through pow1 (at the bottom).   Reminder to developers, I can't post them if you don't submit them.   Additionally, feel free to announce if one of these is finished (in case you don't mention it on the list or in the cvs).   Oh, and in case you didn't notice, they're a great way to get money from Dom, really!

Description:  This bug contains a compilation of numerous spelling-related bugs.   Interested parties can do simple work, like Q&A to see what's still there, to more complex work, like dialogue fixin' and locale conversion   If you have a current Abi and some time, you, too, can help
Advertisement:  My spelring dilog isn nt ther
Recommended Outline:  Whatever's easiest for you
Comments:  All in all, there's something for everyone in there.
System:  Any and every OS.
AbiVersion:  Current (1.0.4, I would guess, dev and cvs releases may occur as well)
Challenge level:  Variable
Current Heroes:  You must be magical to know how to fix this

NameProject Blue Ant.
Description:  Perform component-specific tests, document procedural changes and open bugs as necessary.
Advertisement:  Play the game and get a hero credit; more recognition than QA!
Recommended Outline:  Email abiwordtesting@matthewcraig.com and include available system types, AbiVersions and previous testing experience.   Receive testing instructions which will take one to two hours to complete.
Comments:  No experience required.   A good way to be introduced to AbiWord contribution efforts.
System:  Any and every OS.
AbiVersion:  1.0.4 only (for now at least)
Challenge level:  *.... 1 star out of 5
Current Heroes:  "Some of the most active were Mikey Cooper, Tom Purl and Eric Blom."

^_^ More People find More Bugs ^_^
        Back to normal POW status.   However, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, and we'd love to see you help!   After the hyperbolizing this POW, interest has been dwindling, and there really is a lot left to get done.   Personally, I think it's the holidays; however, you can't go by me, because I was going to add ASCII breasts to get more attention.   On that subject, if any cute geekettes want to pose nekkid with an Abi the Ant tattoo, contact Mark Gilbert.
^_^ More People find More Bugs ^_^

Name:  Style and/or Diction Plugin(s) (bug 3281) (do either/or or both!)
Description:  build a plugin to allow Abiword to check style and diction
Advertisement:  me got no grammar fixer, help mes can't you?
Recommended Outline:  Create a plugin for AbiWord that allows the checking of style and diction.  The source code for the gnu style and diction tools is available here: http://www.gnu.org/software/diction/diction.html
      As a prototype you might be able to hack something using the AbiCmd plugin to wrap the style and diction tools.  The AikSaurus (Thesaurus) plugin should also be a helpful guide.
      When you get the basics working you could try to get Abiword to display green squiggle underlines to mark errors, or otherwise work on a good user interface.
Comments:  A great way to start playing with the AbiSource
System:  Any OS will be fine.
Challenge level:  ***.. 3 stars out of 5
Current Hero:  The mastery of Kung Fu has yet to appear.

Name:  Fix Windows printing boogs (bug 3239)
Description:  Tackle some or more of the various bugs that cause issues in attempting to print under Windows
Advertisement:  ????????????????????????????? (no, that's really the ad!)
Recommended Outline:  You must become magical to know how to fix this.
Comments:  "The problem is that printing on Windows is broken with several brand of printer drivers (see dependent bugs). It appears that with standard PostScript driver it does not happen. It appears also that version 0.9.6 had less problems than 1.0.1 so we might find out where the regression is bu diffing.
    "Please, be sure to read all the bug reports. Even partial fix are accepted.
    "Fixes must be done against STABLE tree and possibly ported to HEAD (the later can be done as a second step)."
      This comes from Hub
Notice:  This may already have been fixed with the libiconv upgrade, stay tuned!
System:  Windows
Challenge level:  ****. 4 stars out of 5
The MoFos who had the Huevos for this POW:
Johnny Lee
(crash on print)

Daniel Jensen
(text work around)

Name:  More Windows Maintainers
Description:  Jordi and Jeremy could always use help
Advertisement:  Help free people from the oppression of MSWord today!
Recommended Outline:  You must become magical to know how to fix this.
Comments:  Wouldn't be a bad idea to start with the printing bug...
System:  Windows
Challenge level:  ****. 4 stars out of 5
Current Heros:  Jordi Mas, Jeremy Davis

Bug Update

Bug Votes

      These are the week's Top 20 Bugs in the categories  problems and  requests for enhancements.   Influence next week's results by  casting your own votes.   Ah, another release, another change of what bugs are on the "Most Wanted" list.

Top 20 Problems
ID Votes Milestone Summary
 376  80 2.0 File associate problems for all file types with Win32Slu......
 428  44 2.0 Hitting return at the beginning of a paragraph changes fo......
2362  30 1.0.x AbiWord only prints across half of page
3778  30 --- Hanging indent setting ignores units
3970  30 --- changing layouts can lead to showing other location than ......
4049  30 --- Crash on open file from floppy or network drive.
4745  30 Future Change colour of foreground text for screen only
2868  25 2.0 character widths are not calculated correctly for some fonts...
2421  20 2.0 TM, Bullet, Euro, Smart Quotes and other symbols originat......
3488  20 --- Weird crash when editing
1394  17 2.0 on-screen landscape actually prints portrait in Win95
2924  15 --- printing abw documents defaults to black pages
3216  15 1.0.x [Tabstops Cannot be Set in Second (or Third) Column
3801  15 --- Incremental loader seems to struggle with large files
1865  13 --- Header/footer not loaded properly from .doc
2962  13 2.0 Printer problems with Lexmark printers on Windows
1613  11 1.0.x undo does not know about replacing
2584  11 1.0.x MS Word Rendering problem.
1333  10 Future Inserting a word is O(n) in the number of words in the do......
Top 20 Requests For Enhancement
ID Votes Milestone Summary
2183 330 Future Fully Support OpenOffice's XML file format
3668 111 --- Support for window tabs instead of separate windows
1374  96 Future [RFE] print odd and/or even pages only (for front & back ...
1950  94 Future Wish for automatic Table of Contents
2565  72 Future Add true MS Word .doc export capability
2490  71 2.0 Finish Cocoa Frontend
2321  70 --- [RFE] Maths/Equation Editing, as a plugin maybe?
1144  67 Future Improve KWord import/export filters
4057  60 --- Thesaurus Shift+F7 keybindings shortcuts consistency
 515  41 Future columns change should only affect selected text
2365  39 --- AbiWord needs 'view codes'
2366  39 Future implement floating frame
1929  37 Future Hyphenation is missing in Abiword
2186  30 Future The insert page break setting is lost for custom styles
2219  27 Future AUTONUM wanted in [ Insert/Field/Number ] menu
2164  25 Future Ability to set default print command anywhere
2296  25 Future doc import: footnotes
2169  24 Future Line numbering
1235  21 Future [RFE] Not possible to change zoom and font size on toolba......


Resolved Bugs

      In the past week, the following Bugs have been verified as fixed.   The listed Bugs have all been put in either CLOSED or RESOLVED mode as FIXED.   Can you believe I said QA will return next week when it's been here (or not been here) for three weeks?   Final reminder, owners are the squishers and qa are the flushers (in case there's some question).

Bugs Resolved This Week
Resolution Number
Resolved  53
Verified 233
Closed  18
This Week's Bug Squishers:
Verified Name
84 Dave Null
49 Sam TH
38 Martin Sevior
32 Dom Lachowicz
32 Frank Franklin
22 Jordi Mas
14 Hubert Figuiere
 6 Joaquin Cuenca Abela
 3 Andrew Dunbar
 3 Marc Maurer
 2 aaronl
 2 John L. Clark
 2 Jesper Skov
 2 David Chart
 2 Mark Gilbert
 1 Christian Biesinger
 1 frodol
 1 Gabriel Gerhardsson
 1 Alan Horkan
 1 Håkan Waara
 1 Jared Davis
 1 Jim Hodapp
 1 Mikey Cooper
 1 Patrick Lam
 1 tomabi
 1 Tomas Frydrych

Flushed Bugs

      What you see here are either invalid bug reports or duplicates.   So, basically, I'm showing everyone else how doofy you are sometimes.   On average*, confirming duplication or non-validity takes four minutes and thirty-five seconds.   That's the equivalent of 8LLOC of time for Dom.   Any other questions why development isn't as fast as you want?

Non-Bugs Flushed this Week
Flushed Number
Invalid 37
Duplicate 22
Won't Fix  5
This Week's Most Active Bug Flushers:
Verified Name
52 Dave Null
12 No One

Caught Bugs

      Bug spotters, beware, we're watching you!

Bugs Found this Week
Caught Number
Unconfirmed  3
New  8
ReOpened 13
This Week's New Bug Owners:
Verified Name
7 Dave Null
5 Martin Sevior
4 Dom Lachowicz
4 Jesper Skov
2 Jordi Mas
1 Andrew Dunbar
1 Patrick Lam

Release HackDown

      This is an AbiWord Weekly News original concept:  The Release Hackdown.   In the table below, you can watch what bugs are being fixed in preparation for the very next release.   Check the key at the bottom to understand formatting.

      No pressure, guys, I'm sure only 2000 or so people will be watching to see what you do weekly.   That breaks down to about 285 people daily and 12 people hourly, so, it's like being peeked at once every five minutes, literally.   "Isn't that veird!?"


      Yo, with 1.0.6 on the way, the 1.0.7 hackdown is only a few AWNs away.

HackDown to 1.0.5
Bug ID Description
2223 cannot open psiWord files (re-opened)
2715 crash on zoom
3239 [META] Windows printing bugs
3453 Crashes repeatably while attempting to edit header
3488 Weird crash when editing
3561 Crash on embedded AbiWord in Evolution
3625 Multi Substitution waste memory
3632 editing the numbering style of a roman numeral list hangs/crashes
3645 Page setup has a problem with margins in millimeters
3678 [STABLE]Crash when editing this Word document
3697 [crash] blank AbiWord document viewed as text (View Source)
3755 AbiWord crashes during import of this MS Word document
3766 Dvorak Keyboard
3858 export wrong content when choosing export to "Simplified Chinese GB_2312-80" encoded text
4068 Crash when mouse leaves selected header
4070 [META] crash on load bugs
4093 Program Terminates on Open
4097 Save dialog file extension weirdness
4125 .doc file does not import correctly (BiDi issues).
4183 Save/reload puts spurious characters in simple file in 1.0.3
4283 // comments expose lots of bugs
4304 crash when changing font of certain text (e.g. page numbers)
4363 [STABLE] Abi crashes after document open/close if text selected
4449 EV_EditBindingMap::removeBinding() leaks
4481 Format > Tabs dialog box completely broken
4531 Page breaks ignored in RTF
4559 section break handling is broken
4647 Abiword 1.0.4 crashes with zh_CN Chinese font locale
4650 Abiword.exe Entry Point Not Found
4656 AbiWord 1.0.4 does not compile with gcc-3.2.2 and perl-5.8.0

  1 Unconfirmed
12 Unapproached
10 Assigned
  7 Resolved

*Strike-out bug numbers and greyed text are resolved.
*Bold bug numbers and bold text are assigned.
*Italicized bug numbers and italicized text are unconfirmed.
*Normal bug numbers and normal text have not yet been approached.


      On our way to two-point-oh, affectionately referred to as, AbiWord II: The Wrath of Dom.

HackDown to AbiWord II: The Wrath of Dom
Bug ID Open of Total Description
2145  4 of  5 FCC 508 accessibility regulation compliance
2921  2 of  2 abi can leak memory [tracker bug]
3064  6 of  7 [TRACKER] AbiWord Performance
3239 20 of 38 [META] Windows printing bugs
4142  3 of 12 make AbiWord comply with GNOME HIG
4425  0 of  0 squash all warnings
4465 21 of 36 [META] Spelling bugs
4466 11 of 22 [META] "Motion" Bugs
4467  8 of 11 [META] Find/Replace bugs and enhancements
4488  2 of 13 [META] Help System Bugs
4627 12 of  16 [META] Copy/Paste bugs

      Dom, well, mostly Jordi, managed to knock off a good number of bugs; though, some have been removed off of the hackdown with/without closure in the find/replace bugs of 4467.

      See Announce: 2.0 release plan for more details on the intended route towards Abiword II: The Wrath of Dom.

Open Source, Open Books.

Last Updated: April 10, 2003

      Approximately once a month, don't hedge bets, I'll get this updated by asking (read: whining at) dom.   In the meantime, whenever you want to see how much is in and where it gets diverted, just peek down here.

      Word of caution, numbers lightly fudged due to (hopefully) temporarily incomplete data.   Like a consultant's suggested price, you'll find hidden meaning in the data if you stare long and hard.   Surgeon's General's Warning:  Staring long and hard may have psychotropic affects; keep out of reach of people who like that sort of thing.

      I apologize in advance for the dollar signs (these thingies: $), specifically for their decision to laugh uncontrollably.   They're not laughing at you, they're laughing at your choice of lifestyles.   I intend to replace them later with cent signs...as soon as a figure out how to do that.

      Cent signs are like Vulcans:   They either lack any feeling whatsoever, or they're very depressed because they think they should act like they lack any feeling whatsoever.   I had an ex-wife like that.   I think the Cheers character 'Lilith' was based on her.

Current Balance: $1604.34
Interest earned: $8.64

Expenditures: $950
$400 to pay for Martin's Boston Gnome Summit Trip
$400 to buy Andrew Dunbar a new computer
$ 60 to misc./entertainment expenses at GNOME summit, GUAD3C, other, paid out of dom's pocket
$225 Patch Prize (those already successfully awarded)
-   $ 45 Will Lachance
-   $ 45 Marc Maurer
-   $ 45 Ruud Vring
-   $ 45 Patrick Lam
-   $ 45 Dom Lachowicz

Unique contributors: 58*
paypal: 57
check :  3
cash  :  1
*58: plusse 3 repeat offenders whom we love dearly

Contributions: $2723.00
Less paypal and other banking fees: $115.00

PLEASE!  Help promote AbiWord development by donating money. The money go to a general AbiWord "fund", presently hosted by Dom Lachowicz (cinamod@hotmail.com).
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